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River Falls Football Looking for 8th Grade Coach

The School District of River Falls is now accepting applications for an 8th Grade Head Football Coach. Interested individuals can apply at: 

Youth Football to go all Flag in 2018

Each year we discuss the flag versus tackle decision.  We as a board want to assure we do what is best for the majority of the kids and the River Falls Football program.  The decision we made is to play flag for all levels next year.  In numerous discussions this year, Head Coach David Crail expressed a strong recommendation to go to flag.  Please understand, this decision does not come lightly.  We understand that some people will not agree with it, but we hope that we can show you that we can continue to run a great program without tackling.

We see numbers consistently on the decline around the nation and this great sport is under scrutiny with the constant focus on concussions.  We have always had the kid’s safety as our number one priority and we feel flag provides a safer environment.

We are working on the transition plan now and I can tell you we will still focus preparing kids for the next level.  There are numerous things we can teach to help their transition from flag to tackle in 7th grade.

Here are some of the exciting things we are doing this year:

  • 7-on-7 flag football
  • High School Player Involvement (Combine nights, referees)
  • No more designated player, everyone can play every position

Doug Sailer
RFYFB President

ETS - Speed and Strength Information

From AD Rollie Hall: 

Wildcat Parents, I want you to be aware of the Speed and Strength program that we are implementing at the high school this winter and spring.  It is similar as in the past, but with a new vendor.

ETS is a physical training program run by Ryan Englebert, who is a resident of our district.  Based out the Cities, they have worked with high schools throughout the metro in developing athletes to reach their athletic potential.  They work with athletes from all sports and at all levels, with the goal of helping them get better.

This winter, we are providing a 12 week, four times a week program for our out of season athletes.  This will run Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Times will be afterschool and will depend on how many people sign up.  They will work out for 75 minutes a day.

Cost of this program will be $40.  That would be 48 workouts for $40 or less than a dollar a session to work out with a professional trainer.  The actual cost is twice that amount, but we are paying for a portion of this through some fund-raised funds.  This is a great deal for our kids.

We are also setting up times for our in-season athletes to work out also.  Because of different time schedules for all of our in-season sports, some will work with ETS while others have set up programs with their coaches, etc.  These programs will not cost anything as you have already paid to play a winter sport.   This is a change from in the past.

On Tuesday, Nov 7th, ETS will be at the high school at 6:30pm to explain their program to athletes and parents.  I highly encourage you to come and listen to them as I am sure you will be impressed.

Here are some questions you may have:

Why does my child have to pay to use the weight room? - Your child is not paying for the weight room, they are paying for the training that they will receive.  We have contracted with ETS to provide this opportunity for our student athletes so they have the opportunity to get better.  This is what they do.  Our coaches will be helping ETS in ensuring our kids are doing everything correctly.

I thought we used a different program last year?  Why did you change? - We did change.  Last year, we used Catalyst out of Hudson.  Overall, Catalyst provides a solid program as well.  When discussing what to do this year, we decided to try something new and then decide from there how to proceed in the future.  It is good to get different ideas so you can compare the results

Is this just another football power lifting program? - I have been assured by both ETS and by some of our current athletes who have gone through the program that this is not just for football players.  There are programs are that way, but ETS guarantees that this is for all.  There are basic things that all athletes need to be able to do.  From there, they will individualize the program for the sports that the kids play.  One example that one of our current volleyball has worked with them for four years and swears by their program.

We can’t afford $40 at this time.  Is there any assistance? - The best thing to do would be to come to me and ask.  I have helped in the past, whether it is having the kids help with concessions for a night or other opportunities.  We will find a way for your child to participate!!!

To register your child, please have them fill out the form on the top right of this page.  If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  

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