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How does the River Falls Youth Football Association work with the Middle School and High School programs?

Over the last 15 years, the Youth, Middle and High School programs have worked together to build Wildcat Football.  The Youth Program works hand in hand with the Middle and High School programs to ensure we are teaching the youth players the fundamentals and skills to prepare them for the next level of play.

Over the past few years, the Youth Program has partnered with the Middle and High School programs on the following things:

  • Sizable donation to the Middle School weight room
  • Purchase of the Middle School football jerseys - The Middle School football program was unable to get funding due to budget constraints and were using old high school jerseys from the late 80’s.
  • Sizable donation to the school district for their payment for the Ramer Field Project which allows the Middle School, Freshmen and JV to play games at Ramer Field.
  • Purchase of new equipment for use by the Youth and Middle School programs (blocking pads, field markers and chains, tackling wheels)
  • Purchase of a speed and strength program for the Middle School that can be used by athletes of all sports
  • We have partnered with the High School and Middle School programs and use a pared down  version of their playbook, making the transition from 6th grade to Middle School easier for the players and the coaches.

The Youth, Middle School, and High School continue to work hand in hand to build the best football program we can.